Basic Selling & Customer Relationship Management

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Effectively closing deals remain the key success parameter of a sales person. 

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Password Security Awareness

Welcome to the Password Security Awareness Course

In this course you will learn how to prevent unauthorized access to your electronic accounts and devices.

Performance Management

This course addresses the need for organization and employees to understand the approaches to performance management. The course covers goal setting, designing key performance indicators,adopting best performance management model and reporting systems.

Basic Selling Skills

This two-day basic sales training course provides a comprehensive introduction to successful selling. Participants learn customer-focused selling techniques as well as new skills for starting a sales conversation, building client rapport, selling a particular product or service and closing the sale

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Presentation Skills Course

A fully immersive learning experience where participants are guaranteed to dramatically improve their presentation skills in just 2 days, through extensive practice, personal feedback and expert advice for enhancing delivery skills.

Giving presentations is, for many, a nerve-racking experience. This course teaches how to use that negative energy positively and project with total confidence, to deliver a well-structured presentation for maximum impact

Mactay Course ManagerPhilly Mokhaukhau